Call for Papers: ARTEFACTS XV


Call for Papers : A Workshop to Explore the Significance and Impact of Artefacts


  • Museum professionals,
  • Academics and their Graduate students

who are looking for new ways to interpret the preserved material culture of science and technology.

Location: Canada Science and Technology Museum, and Canada Aviation Museum, Ottawa

Dates: September 19-21, 2010
(Optional Visits will also be offered)


Knowledge on the Move: Conflict, Displacement and Re-Engineering Society — 1933 to 1989

The mass movement of people displaced in Europe was a transformative social phenomenon of the period leading up to and following the Second World War. Many of those immigrants were scientists, engineers, designers and others with technical skills and pent up innovative energies.  Their institutions and innovative technologies were left behind or unceremoniously stripped away but their knowledge of science and technology, aesthetic theories and convictions invigorated their new environments and adopted institutions. The result, from the turbulent ‘30s to the end of the Cold War, was a technological and cultural transformation of their – and our — world.

This Artefacts workshop will investigate that transformation and movement of scientific and technological artefacts — from communications, to computers, art, music, and, of course, science.

Deadline for receipt of proposals for sessions and papers is:  Friday, June 11th.   Proposals should indicate how the selected object(s) will play a critical role in your presentation(s).  A decision on proposals accepted for the workshop will be made by early July.

For submissions or further information contact Randall Brooks at

Artefacts XV Poster (PDF)