2nd International Public Science Symposium

2nd International Public Science Symposium

Strengthening Science and Policy to Protect Canadians

Gatineau May 12 -14, 2010.

This Symposium will provide a framework for discussion amongst scientists, policy-makers, decision-makers and public opinion leaders across a range of sectors. This Symposium will be a mechanism by which these leaders will discuss the state of public science in Canada and map a path towards the future that includes the best science and public policies to enhance the health, safety and security of Canadians.

The Symposium has two primary objectives:

  1. To spark discussion and knowledge sharing among participants of the opportunities and means to build stronger public science in Canada.
  2. To harness the energy and insights of gathered participants to develop plans of action that are realistic and timely which will lead to strengthened public science for the greater health, protection and prosperity of Canadians.

For more details please visit www.sciencesymposium2010.ca