Day Five: 1921 Toronto AAAS

Another 1921-2021 Centennial in the History of Canadian Science and Technology.

First posted Friday, December 31, 2021 / Yom shishi, 27 Tevet, 5782.

By David Orenstein

This is the sixth blog post in a six-part series commemorating the centennial of the 1921 Toronto meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Saturday, December 31, 1921:


Saturday morning several of the Jewish delegates would be attending Shabbat Services at one of Toronto’s several synagogues, such as the Orthodox Beth Tzedek. Or, as would be more likely, the Reformed Holy Blossom Temple, then still on Bond Street, fairly close to the University.

Of course, many more of the delegates would be Christians, planning to attend Sunday morning at one of one of Toronto’s many churches, whether St. James Anglican Cathedral, St. Michael’s Catholic Cathedral, or Metropolitan Methodist Church, all located in a few blocks to the south of Holy Blossom.


For afternoon entertainment they could visit the Art Gallery of Toronto, for the Last Days of the Royal Canadian Academy, Saturday, Sunday and Monday”. No Group of Seven here! 


Of course, this was New Year’s Eve. For delegates staying in Toronto, they had opportunities to celebrate with friends and colleagues, old and new.



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