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The CSTHA blog is a platform for scholars and anyone with a professional interest to connect with each other and the public. From the history of science and technology in Canada, to the transnational flow of scientific ideas, research practices, and technologies across borders, our goal is to spark interest and debate in the history of Canadian science and technology, broadly defined. Whether sharing new findings, reflecting on the historical roots of contemporary scientific research practices and key technological developments, or discussing historiographical, pedagogical, theoretical, or simply practical questions, our hope is that persons interested in the study of Canadian science and technology will turn to the CSTHA. Given the relevance of history to current affairs, this blog will also publish historically informed commentary and analysis on present issues facing scholars who study the history of science and technology in relation to Canada and Canadians.

This blog is open to voices both formal and academic, and we encourage the sharing of personal views as well. Inclusive in outlook, we welcome reasoned debate about Canada’s scientific and technological past, and aim toward building bridges among scholars, students, and wider audiences. We also welcome short ‘news’ posts relating to the history of science and technology, including conference and colloquium notifications, call for papers, research and writing opportunities, and prize announcements.

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