Graduate Program: Centre of Canadian Studies at the University of Edinburgh

The Centre of Canadian Studies at the University of Edinburgh is a key area studies centre within Scotland’s leading School of Social and Political Science.


The Centre offers PhD degree programs with co-supervision across the humanities and social sciences. It also offers a shorter MPhil research degree program.


The University of Edinburgh has a wide range of scholarships (application deadlines 1 Feb 2011):


The Centre is particularly interested in hearing from students with research interests in the following areas:

Indigenous Studies            Canadian Politics

International Relations       Language Politics

Multilevel Governance         Diaspora Studies

Deliberative Democracy        Transatlantic Cultures

International Development           Comparative Public Policy

Constitutional Law            Social Movements

Nationalism       Sustainable Development


Research students at the Centre of Canadian Studies can focus directly on Canada, or consider Canadian topics in relation to broader comparative research on the Arctic, Scotland, the UK, Europe, North America, and developing regions.


Students interested in applying to conduct graduate research at the Centre of Canadian Studies are encouraged to consult the Centre’s web site:


Potential applicants are also invited to contact Dr Annis May Timpson, director of Canadian Studies, after 10 January 2011, to discuss research



Liz Reilly

Secretary, Centre of Canadian Studies

and Centre for South Asian Studies

University of Edinburgh

Room 4.03

Chrystal Macmillan Building

15a George Square

Edinburgh.  EH8 9LD


0131 650 4129