Special Issue of Atlantic Studies

It is my pleasure to inform you of the recent publication of a special issue of Atlantic Studies dedicated to science and medicine in the Atlantic world: “Itineraries of Atlantic science – new questions, new approaches, new directions.” This special issue contains 5 original essays, an editorial introduction, an interview with Bernard Bailyn, a set of collective reflections on the 2009 Harvard International Seminar on Atlantic History, and three book reviews. Two additional essays, which because of space constraints were not able to be included in this issue, are forthcoming in volume 8.1. Please distribute this message to those who you think may be interested.

For those whose institutions subscribe to Atlantic Studies, the essays can be accessed in PDF at the following link:


For those whose institutions do not subscribe to Atlantic Studies, this special issue is available directly from the editor:

Itineraries of Atlantic science – new questions, new approaches, new directions


“Itineraries of Atlantic science: New questions, new approaches, new directions”
Neil Safier
Pages 357 – 364


Atlantic soundings: A conversation with Bernard Bailyn
Neil Safier
Pages 365 – 371

Original Articles

Nature, networks, and expert testimony in the colonial Atlantic: The case of cochineal
Jordan Kellman
Pages 373 – 395

A “reasoned proposal” against “vain science”: Creole negotiations of an Atlantic medicament in the Audiencia of Quito (1776–92)
Matthew James Crawford
Pages 397 – 419

Rationalizing disease: James Kilpatrick’s Atlantic struggles with smallpox inoculation
Claire Gherini
Pages 421 – 446

Making yellow fever American: The early American Republic, the British Empire and the geopolitics of disease in the Atlantic world
Katherine Arner
Pages 447 – 471

Sanity in the South Atlantic: The mythos of Philippe Pinel and the asylum movement in nineteenth-century Rio de Janeiro
Manuella Meyer
Pages 473 – 492


The history of Atlantic science: Collective reflections from the 2009 Harvard seminar on Atlantic history
Marcelo Aranda; Katherine Arner; Lina del Castillo; Helen Cowie; Matthew Crawford; Joseph Cullon; Marcelo Figueroa; Claire Gherini; Melissa Grafe; Sarah Irving; Ryan Kashanipour; Carla Lois; Adrián López-Denis; Bertie Mandelblatt; Iris Montero Sobrevilla; Kathleen Murphy; Eric Otremba; Christopher Parsons; Heather Peterson; Emily Senior; Teresa Vergara; Kelly Wisecup; Anya Zilberstein
Pages 493 – 509

Book Reviews

Matters of Exchange: Commerce, Medicine, and Science in the Dutch Golden Age
Eric G. Casteel
Pages 511 – 512

Beyond discovery and enlightenment: Recent works on science in the Atlantic world
R. A. Kashanipour
Pages 513 – 518

El sendero del tiempo y de las causas accidentales: Los espacios de la prehistoria en la Argentina, 1850–1910
Miruna Achim
Pages 519 – 522

Additional Original Articles (to be published in volume 8.1)

Sloth bones and anteater tongues: collecting American nature in the Hispanic World (1750-1808)
Helen Cowie
Pages 5 – 27

Translating the vernacular: Indigenous and African knowledge in the eighteenth-century British Atlantic
Kathleen S. Murphy
Pages 29 – 48