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SITUSCI WORKS IN PROGRESS MEETING: 7:00-9:00PM, THURSDAY APRIL 28. Frazee Room, University of King’s College. Presenter: Ryan Kerney, Department of Biology, Dalhousie University. “Do larval traits re-evolve? Evidence from the embryogenesis of a direct-developing salamander, Plethodon cinereus.” Abstract to follow. See our website for schedule of upcoming talks. http://www.situsci.ca/works-progress-wip

THE FIRST SPIRITUAL DIVERSITY CONFERENCE & FAIR WILL GET UNDERWAY ON JUNE 2 – 4. This event will bring together people of all of the major faith traditions as well as presenters who will address the challenges and opportunities that religious diversity brings to our nation. The speakers include professors of religion and sociology, Islamic scholars and Imams, Christian theologians, Buddhist and Hindu priests, Baha’i scholars, and Jewish rabbis. Speakers from across Canada are scheduled to present. June 2 and 3: CONFERENCE at Saint Mary’s University. June 4: SPIRITUAL FAIR at Victoria Park across from the Public  Gardens, Spring Garden Road. REGISTRATION IS OPEN: Regular $50. Students: $35. This includes breakfast and lunch on June 2 and 3. If you would like to purchase tickets in person, please contact Moeza Merchant: moeza.merchant@dal.ca, 902-404-9878. See attached poster for details. For further information: www.touchbaseonline.ca/sdc.


REVISITING EVOLUTIONARY NATURALISM: NEW PERSPECTIVES ON VICTORIAN SCIENCE AND CULTURE. MAY 6 ? 7TH, 2011. 320 BETHUNE COLLEGE, YORK UNIVERSITY, TORONTO, CANADA. Ever since the 1970’s, when Robert Young and Frank Turner treated T. H. Huxley, John Tyndall, and their allies as posing an effective challenge to the authority of the Anglican clergy, scholars have found the term “scientific naturalism,” or “evolutionary naturalism,” to be a useful shorthand for referring to an influential group of like-minded elite intellectuals.  But over the years, questions have been raised about the cohesiveness and the cultural status of scientific naturalism.  Is the term elastic enough to include both the idealist and romantic Karl Pearson as well as the hard-nosed materialist Charles Bastian?  Just how powerful were the scientific naturalists if they disagreed amongst themselves on key issues, and if, as many recent studies have suggested, they were confronted by a host of effective opponents in addition to Anglican clergymen, including North British physicists, Oxbridge trained gentlemen of science, self-trained popularizers of science, philosophical idealists, spiritualists, feminists, anti-vivisectionists, and socialists?  Indeed, how far were the practices and writings of scientific naturalists actually shaped by their interchanges with such myriad opponents? In this workshop we hope to explore new perspectives on the British scientific naturalists, re-examining their interactions with each other and with other groups within the larger culture.  Speakers include Ruth Barton, Peter J. Bowler, Gowan Dawson, James Elwick, Jim Endersby, George Levine, Bernard Lightman, Ted Porter, Evelleen Richards, Joan Richards, Michael Reidy, Jonathan Smith, Robert Smith, Matthew Stanley, Michael Taylor, and Paul White.  See website for details: http://ists.news.yorku.ca/news-and-events/workshops/

READING ARTIFACTS SUMMER INSTITUTE. AUGUST 15-19, 2011. Presented by: Canada Science and Technology Museum (CSTM) Collection & Research Division and Conservation Services. The READING ARTIFACTS SUMMER INSTITUTE is for Graduate Students, Post-docs, Faculty interested in teaching history through artifacts, Scholars seeking to expand their research methods. Participants will investigate artifacts, trade literature and photographic collections as resources for research, teaching, and the public presentation of history, work with leading collection scholars in a national museum setting to explore material culture methodologies and approaches, use artifacts as the centre of discussion and hands-on group examinations, learn the basics of conservation, cataloguing and developing collections in local environments ? a growing resource in liberal arts programs. For further information contact David Pantalony at: dpantalony@technomuses.ca. Register here (deadline:  June 17th, 2011). https://secure.technomuses.ca/readingArtifactsSI/register_e.asp. Join our Google Group at:  http://groups.google.ca/group/reading-artifacts-CSTM

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN FOR THE BANFF SCIENCE COMMUNICATIONS PROGRAM FOR 2011. August 13- 28, 2011. The Science Communications program is a two-week residency fostering excellence and creativity for science communicators in Canada and around the world. Participants return to their professional practices in science, media, research, or other realms transformed by ideas and confident to provide leadership in the advancement of science communications. Deadline is April 15, 2011. Scholarship money available. More information: http://banffscience.ca/programs/science-communications-overview.html


THE DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY AT THE UNIVERSITY  OF CALGARY INVITES APPLICATIONS FOR A ONE-YEAR POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP STARTING ON SEPTEMBER 1, 2011. The area of specialization is logic or the philosophy of science. The fellow will be expected to have a well-defined research project, teach one course in the area of specialization, and participate in the research activities of the Department. All requirements for the PhD must have been completed by the starting date and no earlier than September 2007. The stipend is $50,000 Canadian per year. Specific inquiries about this position may be directed to: Ali Kazmi, Head, Department of Philosophy, University of Calgary akazmi@ucalgary.ca. Complete dossiers, including a cv, at least three letters of reference, postgraduate transcripts, a recent sample of writing, and a detailed research proposal may be sent to: Merlette Schnell, Manager // Department of Philosophy // University of Calgary // 2500 University Drive NW // Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4 // CANADA schnell@ucalgary.ca. Applications will be accepted until April 15, 2011 or until the position is filled. http://www.phil.ucalgary.ca/

LECTURESHIP FOR HISTORY OF SCIENCE/HOPOS AT PENN (1 YEAR RENEWABLE):  The Integrated Studies Program at Penn invites applications for a full-time one-year lectureship in the history of science, with the possibility of renewal. We especially encourage applications from those with an expertise in the history of biology or physics or both. Applications are encouraged by April 18, 2011. Eligibility is limited to applicants who will have received their Ph.D. within five years prior to the time they begin their fellowship at Penn (May 2006 or later). See website for details: http://www.insidehighered.com/career/seekers/posts/view/190280