Scientia Canadensis v.39, n.1


On the eve of our biannual conference, we’re please to announce the
publication of volume 39, number 1 of Scientia Canadensis available now
on Erudit.

This issue contains articles on scientific instruments in the 19th and 20th
centuries, botanical photography, and the history of the IHPST. You may
download the entire issue as one PDF or download separate files for the
articles and reviews — 17 in all.

  1. Matthew Goodman, “Scientific Instruments on the move in the North America Magnetic Survey, 1843-1844” PDF / Abstract | Résumé
  2. Brendan Cull, “Early Canadian Botanical Photography at the Exposition universelle, Paris 1867” PDF / Abstract | Résumé
  3. Philip Enros, “The Origins of the Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology” PDF / Abstract | Résumé
  4. Michael Murphy, “Technology Development at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, 1962-1986” PDF / Abstract | Résumé

We also have 13 reviews of recent books in English and French on Canadian
history of science, technology, and medicine. Our reviewers this issue
include John Sandlos, Jean-Claude Simard, Robert Pilon, James Hull, Adèle
Paul-Hus, Ronald Stagg, Daniel Macfarlane, Matthew Hayes, William Wannyn,
Isabelle Perreault, Andrew D. Hathaway, Matthew S. Wiseman, and Blair Stein.