Jarrell Prize Winner, 2020-21: Sara Spike

The CSTHA is pleased to announce the biennial winner of the Jarrell Prize. This prize was established in 2015 in honour of the CSTHA’s founding member, Dr. Richard Jarrell, and recognizes the best article published in Scientia Canadensis over the previous two years. It comes with an award of $500.

On behalf of the CSTHA, the Executive Committee warmly congratulates this year’s exceptional winner:

Sara Spike, “Mayflowers and Sleeping Johnnies: Nature-Study, Local Knowledge, and A.H. MacKay’s Phenological Research in Rural Nova Scotia, 1892-1925,” Scientia Canadensis 42(1) 29-53.

You can access Sara’s award-winner Scientia Canadensis article through Erudit, linked here: https://www.erudit.org/fr/revues/scientia/2020-v42-n1-scientia05473/1071263ar/

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