Scientia Canadensis v. 44, no. 1 (Photography: Science, Technology and Practice)

The latest number of Scientia Canadensis (44, no. 1), a special issue on the history of photography, is now available on Erudit. Articles include:



  • John Osborne, “‘Coils of Sunshine’: Charles Smeaton’s Magnesium-Wire Photography in the Catacombs of Rome, 1866-1867”
  • Kate Addleman-Frankel, “At the Cutting Edge of Halftone Printing: William Augustus Leggo and George Edward Desbarats”
  • Shannon Perry, “‘Perfect Dry Plates for Canada’: Gelatine Dry-Plate Manufacturing in Canada in the Late Nineteenth Century”
  • Marthe Tolnes Fjellestad, “Photography in the Arctic Archipelago during the First International Polar Year, 1882–1883”
  • Dirk Werle, “Early Canadian Aerial Photography: The St Croix River and the International Boundary, 1921”
  • Nina Lager Vestberg, “Seeing, Saving, and Remembering Barnardo’s Children: Technologies of Access and Preservation in Historical Research”
  • Geoffrey Belknap, “Conceptualizing ‘Science’ in the Photography Collections at the National Science and Media Museum”
  • Joan M. Schwartz, “Photography: Science, Technology, and Practice in Nineteenth-Century Canada”

The issue is rounded out with nine book reviews. We hope you enjoy this issue and if you have any ideas for articles or special issues, please drop managing editor Will Knight a line at

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